Oi From Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Finally were off!

Just spent 3 days in Rio, hanging out. Wow. Its really very beautiful here – rivals Cape Town for stunning location that’s for sure.

Staying in Copacobana – endless renditions of Barry Manilow obviously (still, at least I know the words to that one, if we were in Ipenema I’d be really struggling).

The beaches are gorgeous and there are so many of them. And true to form, the Brazilians are busy playing beach volleyball, surfing etc. Generally living the hard life.

Were just ahead of tourist season – which is great as it means its not too crowded – in fact we walked along Sao Conrado beach today and practically had it to ourselves. The summer weather’s not quite ready yet – it’s delightfully warm but quite cloudy. Had a slightly bizarre trip up to the big Christ the Redeemer statue yesterday where the clouds arrived just as we did. You could hear the city below us – lots and lots of sirens – but not see much. Ho hum.

Still, it means the wind is perfect for hang gliding, so this afternoon we threw ourselves off the top of a cliff. A bit scary, but the views are fantastic – over the jungle, the favelas, the upmarket condos, and landing on the beach. Someone’s got to do it.

The first day we got here we sat and watched the sun go down from the top of sugar loaf mountain, which made a lovely start.

Apart from that, were experimenting with how many Caipirinhas it’s possible to drink. Conclusions so far: one’s lovely, two’s very lovely, three’s dangerous (at least, hazy memories of last night suggest so).

Tomorrow we start our travels proper. Off to the Costa Verde to go island hopping for a few days. Will be in touch when we return to civilisation.

One of the themes of this trip is to see how people think about the inhabitants of other countries – what’s the Brazilian take on Argentina etc?

So, starters for 10: what do you think of Brazilians? Answers on a postcard, or more practically, on the forum.

love to all – thanks for the messages, sorry we haven’t replied to them all personally (the beach beckons!)

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