Puerto Madryn, Argentina

And so to the beautiful south.

Crossing the border into Uruguay led to an instant transition – the farmsteads got tidier, the cows plumper, the whole thing just that bit more England.

5 things you didn’t know about Uruguay (probably easier to write, for most, than 5 things you did).

1) In Uruguay, Uruguay is pronounced er-uh-why.
2) Fray Bentos is in Uruguay. Home of the South American meatpacking glitterati.
3) Uruguay is technically the republic to the east of the Uruguay river, and as such, some Uruguayans write their nationality down on forms as ‘Oriental’.
4) Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America, yet still bigger than England.
5) Uruguay sees New Zealand as an economic role model.

A flippant note to start on maybe, but one of the most intriguing things about Uruguay is the slightly different perspective it gives you on the world.

Aided vastly by Jacinto and family – who showed us great hospitality, we had a great few days in their lovely country. Montevideo (ah the names, really I could move to South America just for the names), is a fantastic place – miles of beach, and a town with some serious hints of the past – the old town port still caters to the needs of passing sailors. Rag and bone men pass frequently.

And then, on the coast, we were able to watch Southern Right Whales from the beach – incredibly close to shore. And surrounded by a beautiful beach resort.

Uruguayan people seem very friendly, but distinctly more European in outlook (and look) than Brazilians.

I could go on, but rather frustratingly, the internet cafe I’m in is shutting for the night – the second one to do so on me today. Maybe they’re trying to tell me to go to bed.

So maybe a bit more on Uruguay to follow – and certainly an update on Argentina…

In the meantime, as before, interested in anyone’s everyone’s opinions about Uruguayan and Argentine people. One of the things we’re loving most is how wrong all our assumptions are being proved.

All right, enough, I’m being forcibly evicted.

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